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So i took appointment under NORMAL quota but my TATKAAL application is still written on the receipt.It is best to file RTIs with both the regional passport office and the SP office asking for the application status, date on which application was sent from RPO to SP office and the related delay.whenever I try to set appointment i 'm getting an error message as following "Currently no appointment slots are available for the selected Passport.Once the application is submitted and ARN number generated, you can simply walkin to the nearest PSK for submission of biometric and documents.Can we walk down directly to passport office and submit the fees there and get an appointment.Always when 5pm to start the appoinment time. unable to process try again error coming.I got appointment in first shot by using method suggested by you.

Have filled out the form for reissue of passport and will submit it today.They can directly assign next necessary slot. not sure how it works.Please be aware that granting of passport under tatkal scheme involves more scrutiny and checks.However the address on the minor passport cannot be different from that of the parents passport.

If you switch for normal mode, then you should call up the PSK helpline and check with them.So if one month is still left I would highly recommend that you take an appointment and submit the documents so that the application moves forward.If you finish the process within 1 minute of slot opening then the probability of securing an appointment is very high.Even my condition is same.In Tatkal everyday it is saying,Unable to process request,Try after some time.As others have mentioned, you should try booking the appointment at different times in the next few days.But when i try to book an apointment 7:0 O clock it always say UNABLE TO PROCESS THE REQUEST TRY AFTER SOME TIME.So you can submit one more form and schedule an appointment for the correct form.

You can go for walk-in without appointment if you apply in tatkal.Should I need to pay fees again for booking an appointment or can book on earlier fees. (It is already more then 10 days my application got rejected).Manish,Also as you mentioned how to Sync the clock with passport website clock,the clock is not running in the pasport website,it shows only the time our logged in time or when we refresh new time.Login 5-10 minutes before your booking opening time and hit submit within 15-20 seconds of clock hitting 6:30PM.Hi Manish,I appplied for reissue passport almost 8 days back under Normal application,Unfortunately i have to travel in next two weeks to one of the country.Has I come to know from passport officials,it takes atleast 15 woprking days to get passport on my address,Is their any chance where I can go and request in the PSK to get the passport soon my hand.Thanks in advance for your support.If your reason is valid, the PA will agree for your papers to be sent to the RPO who in turn will mention the new appointment details on your application.

If you have completed your verification with police then there is no need to worry.I applied online for passport under Tatkal provision and twice TCS officials returned me with different reasons.

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Other option is to apply under normal and get the police verification expedited at local and CB office.Is this still true that i can go to PSK directly if want tatkaal passport, as per today date.I have paid the money online while booking the appointment but I am unable to get an appointment because of the very busy server.I will be visiting the regional passport office tomorrow and will keep you posted on any updates.You can get changes done in your application at the PSK at the time of your appointment.

Recently I booked appointment for my sister on three different occasions and got appointment slots twice.I have booked the slot for for may 7th of2014 and because i cant come so i reshedule the appointment now it is on 21th of may now also i cant come can i leave and schedule later r i have to reschedule it.Each applicant is allowed to reschedule the appointment twice only.Also, instead of Annexure F, you can submit copies of 3 Identity documents out of the 16 notified by Passport authorities.Whole experience was nice and there were different lines for Walkin and Appointment holder.The captcha is case sensitive so make sure you enter it exactly as displayed.

However annexure J is not required for Tatkal reissue of passport.In tatkal cases, only normal passport fees is collected online and the balance (tatkal fees) has to be paid in cash at the counter.Would like to know if I will still have to pay the rest of 2000 bugs.At last I got this page I read all and possibly solved my issues.In passport reissue cases if spouse name is already mentioned in old passport then marriage proof is not required for reissue (unless its a new spouse name).Its always the very next day and its not allowing me to chose a date.Depending on the nature of criminal offences, a short validity passport of 1 year could be issued.I had applied under TATKAAL scheme after watching all required documents in the concerned category.

Its totally based on demand-supply, some PSKs are very busy while others are relatively less busy.You have to make the payment either online or through Challan before your appointment is confirmed.Your appointment and application are under the normal procedure.Second thing is that when passport is reissued in US ny US consulate previous passport and new passport no. remains same or it chages.Hi Manish, I have been trying to seek an appointment for my application since June 12.Who can do a custom applied mathematics presentation premium a4 (british/european) 6 pages / 1650 words.Regarding NY consulate, I have no clue about the process followed, its best to get in touch with them directly.

Please use the appointment timing link mentioned in the above article to check the appointment slot opening timing for your PSK.Hi Manish, finally done with my normal passport application on 16th Aug at Chandigarh PSK.WIth your response I will try again to schedule the apointment tomorrow.

It is best to check with the embassy about the visa requirements.But all it does is tells me the date of available appointment.I uploaded the 2 wrong passport applications (XML) online on passport portal and I would like to delete those.This will help you in the police verification because police may insist on additional documents apart from spouse passport and marriage certificate.Assuming the same logic, most likely they will allow the balance payment and change your application from 36 to 60 pages passport.I applied for fresh passport due to address proof they told me to reschedule it.If U find any solution for it, let me know it will be kind of urs.You also receive an sms with speedpost tracking number when the passport is dispatched so you can be present at home to collect it.

Again I cant cancel normal appointment bcos I have exceeded the 3 attempts.THANK YOU Manish ji, you wrote a wonderful blog, it is very helpful for those applying passport, it includes some important information usually we do not get easily from website.

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Both parents will have to sign a relevant annexure and make sure to submit copy of parents passports with spouse name endorsed.You will most likely be issued a passport with post verification since your existing passport is still valid at the time of reissue.The passport office may ask you to produce a NOC from the court (which is not withheld unreasonably, but the other party may oppose it).Everything went smooth and the passport has already been sent to me.Kids are Minor and I want to process it under Tatkal request for everyone.

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