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After reading all of the comments I take it that zynga games is a joke, forget my post I will just stop playing your games.Not only did my xps go away but I had to have 600,000 xps to go to level 101.Texas holdem apps allow you to perfect your. This app allows you to play along with professional poker player bots that give you. The Zynga Poker.I am a person to comply with rules of the game, chips are my hard-earned, minus all please give me a reason, thank you.Zynga also operates business locations throughout the world, including locations in India, Los Angeles, China, Boston, Japan and New York.The problem has been going on for two weeks now and i can't find any whey of fixing it. I just want to log into zynga poker and play through facebook but.

Are zynga support received my concern or feedback,why i received mail saying that tecnical detail of temporary failure,message temporary rejected.this was a excuse to avoid problem and ignore our complain and cheated us as user.You support was great in the past, now one can not communicate with anyone.Last Thursday or Friday I was playing, with over 10,000,000 points, and all of a sudden my screen went blank and I was asked to sign in with my email or Facebook Account.All I want is to be able to open my game and play it, is that so hard.

The old way I got an answer within 24 hours, this has been days.They do suggest using the Twitter and Facebook pages to contact a support agent quickly.Not sure if this email will get to anyone, but since I have no other way to complain I will try it.Zynga Support: Zyngaplayersupport. Are you a mobile player?. /home/hit-it-rich?loc=en_US: Zynga Poker /home/zynga-poker?loc=en_US: Mafia Wars /home/mafia-wars.I have a lot of money invested in the game and would like to continue playing.

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I am 75 years old,been playing Fameville 2 country Escape for about 4 month, and really enjoyed.

I continuously get the message NETWORK ERROR and must re-error and must re-enter my word at least once.A truly frustrating experience and now I understand why over half of the friends I began playing with have stopped.

I have used every possible suggested contact avenue with no help what-so-ever.There is no way to get help, I go on Farmville with my Facebook and cant get into any chat with other players.We need to be able to contact Zynga easier with the everyday playing game issues. they need to fix the problems with there games if they wish to keep there costomers.

My Facebook is Teri bumgardner and can u put my level 47 back.The game is loaded with glitches left and right yet the issues are not addressed, I am loosing progress and resources like there is not tomorrow.I can not open my white envelope farmville2 and this is a problem, I hope soon to a solution.

I have a i*phone 3gs and a i-pad i was playing zynga poker on. You can email them from here http://support.zynga.com/CP_ContactUsLogin_WebFull?gameid=1&loc=en_US.Then they tailor the games to support. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I play Zynga poker. I got my roll up over 20m and then ran into a bingo player who.Thank you for fixing problem with words with friends where I could not delete old games.Zynga, I have a poker account with you, and I hv 250M, I earn that chips.They have the wrong user name for my Words with Friends and there seems to be no way to correct this.If you log in to the form with your Facebook account, the agent has most of the information they need to solve your gaming problem.I have had problems with loading games and crashing for several months.

Someone is coming on to my site and requesting a game in Words with Friends.I am suppose to have got a furnace, dont have one, now I cant do certain objectives.Guess that is your game because no one has a positive thing to say.Zynga games are a black hole of disappointment. truly suck what a shame they do not care.I will never play another Zynga game again if this is closed.

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You can choose to contact Zynga directly from the support site at.I am absolutely disgusted with Zynga and non existent customer service.

The site constantly crashes, the customer support email address bounces back, I go to bet high and the system takes it as a check.Find Zynga software downloads at CNET Download.com,. Support web site http://www.zynga.com/support;. Play poker and compete against millions of players every day.I went to shut off lap top and it fell to floor.the next day it was put back on the account was 20 gone.Why should I continue to support them through my purchases when they do not give a care about us.I did the league thing and was in 1st place, how come there were no chips available for this prize or what even happened to my league points.Player support is not the least bit helpful since they are also players experiencing the same issues, and have no answers.Texas Hold'em Poker ( Zynga Poker ). or make a competition fellow players!. i need you support for share this group to your friends! so we can have more FUN if we.

I have been playing games on Facebook for going on 4 years and I am frustrated as hell.Zynga customer service phone number for support and help. Hints to reach a live person in Zynga's customer service. Zynga - Why is it while playing poker I'm.Patreon Support; Yesterdays News. where a team of developers stays actively involved in adding new events to keep the players coming. Zynga Poker will bring.La diferencia entre el mayor salario mínimo y el menor en la región es de 324 dólares. El primer puesto se lo lleva Argentina, donde los trabajadores perciben 476.I always help my neighbors, and share this wonderful experience.Thinks I want to create a new FACEBOOK account. 4) Cannot sync accounts between Kindle Fire, IPhone and other devices.

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